Evening Walk

A teeny-tiny orb of enormous sunshine
sets behind the trees
way off in the distance,
so far, far away,
yet still its glow so warm and comforting.
The crickets –
hundreds of them,
maybe thousands –
my ears can’t tell the difference –
line the path I walk
with their resounding silence,
soothing away the day
of this and that
and more of this.
My legs carry me through the warm air
only to be surprised by pockets of cool autumn spaces.
The sedentariness of the office
melts into the pavement,
and just around the bend
stands a doe.
She is so pretty and dainty
as she munches on flowers and crisp green leaves
upright! she sees me!
everything stops in her stillness…
the crickets have quieted…
the suns rays are halted…
my feet hold tight to the ground…
she blinks…
I hold my breath and thank God for the beauty that stands before me.
A bird caws –
and she bolts,
in one swift movement
her whole being and her fluffy white tail disappear in the bushes.
My heart smiles
and the earth begins to turn again.

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