When Will We See?

In what way could our hearts be united? In what circumstance would we each grab hold of our neighbor’s hand and walk toward freedom? In what light may we find the answer to this unrest that surrounds every conversation, every news report, every opinion? In what hour will we wake from the judgment and criticism, the division and contempt?

When will we embrace the blessings? When will we appreciate the mercies granted? When will we see the tear on the cheek of the stranger we have passed by for days without even noticing? When will we stop, just for a moment, to remember that there is only One in charge of all of this?

How will this all turn around? What will it take for each one of us to open our arms to Grace? When will we know that the insistence on being right is deteriorating our souls? When will we see what really matters?

What if today everyone loved, no matter what?

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