God Uses Whatever He Wants, Whenever He Wants

I’m mad a Madonna. Ever since she said she wanted to blow up the White House, I have turned her music off when it comes on the radio, thrown out the CDs of hers that I had, and refused to watch a movie she was in. That is why I am stunned by how God used her this weekend to help me come to a great awakening!

I was driving in my car, for just a few blocks to pick up dry-cleaning. One of my old playlists was queued up and during the limited time I was listening, Madonna’s song, “The Power of Good-bye” started to play. For some reason, the anger I have been feeling towards her lately didn’t rise to the surface and instead of skipping to the next song, I just listened to it. Because I’m not currently in a break-up situation, I listened to the lyrics with new ears. I wasn’t listening because my heart was broken by some guy or because I needed to show “them” I had survived. I was just listening – to the words, to the tone in the voice that was singing, to the inflection of emotion. And, as I was listening, the following lines grabbed ahold of me and cleared away the fogginess that I had been experiencing all week in relation to an assignment for this semester’s directed study that I’m taking:

Pain is a warning that something’s wrong
I pray to God that it won’t be long
Do ya wanna go higher?

I couldn’t believe it! The verses in John, Chapter 12 that I had been wrestling with became clear. I had my answer. These words related directly to what I had been right on the edge of recognizing. Because my anger towards a certain person was removed for just a few minutes, my spirit was therefore open to receiving the message I had been searching for all week!!! WOW!

I don’t know why I am consistently amazed by what God does in my life. He is consistently amazing, so I would think by now I would expect it! The joy and glory that come from those moments of clarity, those moments of recognition, those moments of unity with the Great Spirit within are priceless. That joy and glory I am willing to be amazed by over and over again…no explanation necessary!


  1. I had a somewhat similar experience during a recent presidential election when I unfriended all my friends on Facebook who were posting ads from the candidate with whom I don’t agree. I am so glad that I continue to follow your blog because of the blessing like the one I received today.


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