Forgive Me, Dear Lord

Forgive me, dear Lord,
for I have sinned.

Your child,
You know the one,
has made my life

Bitterness fills my heart
as this child of Yours
partially conveys
scarcely gives.

Weariness sets in
as I try to understand
and untangle the words,
the thoughts unspoken,
the underlying message.

Over and over again
in my mind,
I have harmed
this child of Yours.
My fellow traveler
I cannot see
as You do.

Release me, oh Lord,
from the sin of my thoughts
and the judgments
lodged deep in my throat.

Show me how You see
this child.
Show me how You love
this child.
For through my own eyes
and through my own heart
I am lost and
oh, so ashamed.

Forgive me, oh Lord,
as only You can forgive.
Fill me, oh Lord,
with the Love that only You understand.

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