I pray today…

I pray today for healing,
dear God,
Your healing.

Help us to remember…
…enduring souls were here,
fighting these battles already,
in hours dark as night,
a hopelessness unknown.

Give us the courage we need…
…to trust Your guiding light,
…to hope without bias,
…to love without an edge.

Dear God, we need Your Grace…
…to listen with respect,
…to speak with no regret,
…to silence useless hate.

Dear God, we need Your Mercy…
…to repent for what we’ve said,
…to accept disagreement,
…to forgive the fear of hate.

We can’t alone move beyond ourselves…
…our only hope is You, dear Lord.
Please bless us with renewal,
with wisdom for the ages,
with hearts expanding in Love.

Grant us these graces, I ask
Grant us these mercies, I plead
Grant us forgiveness, we bleed…

I pray today…
…for hearts to open wide,
dear God,
for hearts to open wide…

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