Graceful Trust

I have searched the world over for it…
looked behind theater curtains
and in dark corners of deserted alleyways…

I have read all the words that illustrate it…
on the pages of books
and magazines
and in journals of self-help…

It is not to be found
in those places…
searching the shadows
and faces in shadows
and hearts in ditches
over which I trip…

It exists not amongst the stars
or in a chapel on a mountaintop…
…its glow only known to the one
who looks nowhere outside
the heart…

…for it is the beauty of the heart
that twinkles out through eyes
is heard in voices
and through peace does shine…
…the beauty of the heart
that draws away the ugly of the day
and softly shows the mind the way
to rest
to comfort
to graceful trust…

…which is where it is found.

One comment

  1. “hearts in ditches/over which I trip”…be really happy when you write two lines that good. Also, “the beauty of the heart” is a great title for a book of poetry or….

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