Listen to Praise

What a glorious thing it is to hear…

  • the coo of the mourning dove outside my window as I sit with God at the start of each day
  • my husband’s laugh that comes from deep down in his belly, freeing him from the noise of life
  • the crash of waves upon the shore as I relax on the beach with my feet in the sand
  • the mew of my aloof kitty that welcomes me home from work in the evening
  • the rush of wind through my hair as I walk to exercise my tired bones

What a gift we have been given when we appreciate…

  • the melody of human fingers on keys of black and white
  • the song that lifts a voice from human being to angelic wonder
  • the drum, drum, drumming of the thunder that returns the soul to earth
  • the music that serves as prayer when words will not suffice

How dare I miss the miracle of each sound as it travels invisibly from where it is released to the inside of my ear? How dare I ignore the joy of celebration as this music of life plays all around me?

As I listen for the soft whispers of God’s love coming from the hum of a bird’s wings in flight, I praise the wonder of His sound.

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